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The Arizona Future City Competition is part of the national Future City Competition, sponsored by National Engineers Week.  We are a 501(c) 3 organization, supported by corporate and other donations and staffed solely by volunteers.  The competition encourages middle school students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by presenting a set of technical challenges over a four-month season that each three-student team must address, culminating at regional finals in January.


Here is a link to our first ever Podcast.  Check us out on Soundhound.  We promise that the second one will look and sound better, but you have to start somewhere.  We want your feedback.  What would you like for use to talk about? email us with your suggestion at arizona@futurecity.org If we use your suggestion on the air, you might win valuable Future City Prizes.

There are many changes to the deliveralbes this year.  Click here to get the updated National Future City Program.  To help support teachers understand these changes we will have two training sessions.  

This just in, our second Future City kick off meeting will be held on September 19th at 9:00 am at The Southwest Gas Corporation office located at:

5705 S. Kyrene Rd. Tempe, AZ 85283

Click here if you are planning on attending this meeting.  We will have new speakers that will help get your teams ready for the "Waste not, Want not" challenge.


Please click here to review the video from the national competition site to learn about the changes.  


Click here to view school photos from the 2015 Competition
Click below to see the 2015 winning teams commercial that showcases their great city.

Maricopa Wells Team is

2015 Regional Champions

Dimant de l'Arizona City is best in competition.

Left to Right: Team Members - Elise Brown Thunder, Emily Cordero, and Joseph Rice,
Sarah Skrnich - Project Manager, and Robin Rice - Teacher

Information Just for You


Your challenge this year is Waste Not, Want Not.  The design challenge is to create an innovative citywide solid waste management system for residential use and small businesses in your city of the future.  The system must be safe, environmentally sound and energy efficient.  You'll design a Virtual City using SimCitytm  then write a City Description that explains your solutions and also entice others to visit or live in your city.  You even get to build a scale model of a portion of your city to demonstrate how great a solution you've designed.  At the Regional Finals you will explain your concept of a perfect city and the society that lives there.
Have a fun engineering experience!  See you at the Region Finals! 



Without you, there is no Future City Competition!  You are the key catalyst for your students to learn from  the Future City Competition experience. If you sponsor student teams, they will not only apply classroom learning, but develop new skills like teamwork, planning, time management, and public speaking.  They will build valuable lifelong knowledge and cherished lifelong memories. You will meet STEM objectives as defined by the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards as well the objectives of other programs like 21st Century Learner.

It all starts with you.  Register today!       For additional information, click here


We need Engineer-Mentors today!

If you are a member of the engineering, architectural, or technical professions, a retiree from those professions, or a college or university student pursuing a degree in those areas, our competition students and teacher-sponsors need your help right now!

It doesn't take a lot of time and your engagement with the students is very valuable.  Mentors can "job share", work with the teacher and students in the classroom or even mentor from a virtual environment!

Become a mentor today!  Register here

Competition Judge teams are forming now!  Click here for more information

Click here for Engineer-Mentor Page



There are two types of judges, competition judges and society judges.  Competion judges are teams of professional engineers who evaluate each student team's competition deliverables. The judges use competition rubrics to determine scores.  Competition judges work in teams and begin their activities in late October.

Click here to see the rules and rubrics for this years competion.
Click here for more information about Competition Judges.

Each year, Arizona Region professional societies present awards to competing student teams based on criteria estblished by the society.  Judges from each society are selected by the society from its membership.  Contact your society to volunteer to become a society judge.  Click here for the latest information from societies. 


We are ALL volunteers in the Arizona Region.  Every teacher-sponsor, engineer-mentor, judge, and member of the leadership team is a volunteer.  The spirit of helping others is strong here.  Each year our volunteers contribute thousands of hours to promote and produce the Future City Competition.  Our volunteers do everything...talk with teachers and students, work with the media, serve as judges, be a host at the library when the models are on display and help with hundreds of things on the day of the finals.

Join us today to help our Arizona Region students build a better future.

Click here for more information about volunteer opportunities


Do you want to produce a story on the positive achievements of Arizona middle school students?

How about discussing the impact the program has made on the parents or classroom performance?

Email:  Vi Brown,  v.brown@futurecityarizona.org

Click here for media resources


Parent encouragement is key to the success of student teams.  Teams with ongoing parent support are more likely to complete competition deliverables and have a lifelong learning experience.

Learn more now


The Future City mission is to encourage students in math, science, and engineering (STEM) skills and provide an early opportunity for academic teamwork.  Corporations and companies are the lifeblood of Future City. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and we are entirely dependent on donations and sponsorships to support the hundreds of students, teachers and schools participating in the competition each year.  By the way, student success is also impacted by the little things...the $25 registration fee, the plywood substrate for their model, the transportation to the regional finals or other special event.

Become a sponsor today

We want to hear your story!  How did the Future City Competition effect choices you made in high school, college or your job?  Are you volunteering at a school now?  Have you visited your teacher to let them know how you're doing?  What new adventure are you on now because of the experience you had in Future City?

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